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Sandro Linux

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Sandro's Quick News

This is a series where I try to give the best bits of the tech news in a short and concise manner.

Oscar Sanderson

This is my name and the name of my gaming 🎮 channel.

I upload on this channel every so often so be sure to check it out.

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The Gear I Use

MacBook Air

Macbook Air 2020

OnePlus Nord

OnePlus Nord

My Favourite Websites

Open Source Alternatives

Best Office Programs

All of these office programs are open source!

  1. LibreOffice
  2. OnlyOffice
  3. Apache OpenOffice

Best Cloud Storage Providers

All of these cloud storage providers are meant to be privacy respecting!

  1. Nextcloud
  2. Mega

Best Video Sharing Platforms

  1. Odysee
  2. PeerTube
  3. DTube

Best Search Engines

All of these search engines are meant to privacy respecting!

  1. Searx
  2. DuckDuckGo
  3. Qwant
  4. Swisscows
  5. Ecosia
  6. Mojeek
  7. Startpage (Warning ⚠️: Startpage has been been acquired by an analytics company)

Best Web Browsers

All of these browsers are meant to privacy respecting!

  1. Dot Browser (Sandro Linux Approved)
  2. LibreWolf (Sandro Linux Approved)
  3. Tor
  4. Firefox although you should harden it
  5. Brave
  6. Vivaldi
  7. Pale Moon
  8. Basilisk
  9. Waterfox (Warning ⚠️: Waterfox is developed by an analytics company)

Best Mobile Web Browsers

All of these mobile browsers are meant to privacy respecting!

  1. Tor (Android)
  2. Firefox (Multiplatform)
  3. Bromite (Android)
  4. Brave (Multiplatform)
  5. DuckDuckGo Private Browser (Multiplatform)
  6. Vivaldi (Android)
  7. Firefox Focus (Andrioid & IOS)
  8. Privacy Browser (Android)
  9. Onion Browser (IOS, Warning ⚠️: Because Onion Browser is an IOS app it has to use the Safari web engine, which may compromise your privacy)

Best App Stores

All of these App Stores are meant to privacy respecting!

  1. F-Droid (Android)
  2. Aurora App Store (Android)
  3. AltStore (IOS)

Best Email Providers

All of these email providers are meant to privacy respecting!

  1. ProtonMail
  2. Tutanota
  4. Posteo

Best Messaging Apps

All of these messaging apps are meant to privacy respecting and are all open source!

  1. Session
  2. Briar
  3. Element
  4. Jami
  5. Signal (Warning ⚠️: Requires GMS (Google Mobile Services) to run!)

Best Video Calling Platforms

All of these video calling are meant to privacy respecting and are all open source!

  1. Linphone
  2. Calyx Meet which runs on Jitsi Meet
  3. Mumble

Best Operating System

  1. Linux
  2. NetBSD
  3. FreeBSD
  4. OpenBSD
  5. Haiku OS
  6. MacOS (Warning ⚠️: MacOS is propretiary and there have been security concerns concerning macOS Big Sur)

Best Mobile Operating System

All of these mobile oses are meant to privacy respecting and are all open source!

  1. CalyxOS
  2. Ubuntu Touch
  3. LineageOS
  4. GrapheneOS

Best VPNs

These are the most private VPNs I know!

  1. Proton VPN
  2. Mullvad
  3. Windscribe
  4. IVPN

Best UK Carriers for pay as you go and 30 day contracts

Warning ⚠️: This list is not privacy related and is more of a general list

  1. EE
  2. O2
  3. Giffgaff (Uses O2 network)
  4. Asda Mobile (Uses EE network)
  5. 1pMobile (Uses EE network)
  6. Now Mobile (Uses EE network and offers international and national plans)
  7. Plusnet Mobile (Uses EE network)
  8. Tesco Mobile (Uses O2 network and can be great if you use a clubcard or have clubcard plus)
  9. Utilita Mobile (Uses EE network)
  10. Utility Warehouse (Uses EE network)
  11. The Phone Co-op (Uses EE network)
  12. ID mobile (Uses Three network)
  13. Lebara (Uses Vodafone network and is focused on international calls)
  14. CMlink (Warning ⚠️: 70% of China Mobile, which owns CMlink, is owned by the Chinese Goverment meaning this is not a good service for privacy. On another note, CMlink use the EE network)
  15. Ecotalk
  16. Superdrug Mobile (Uses Three network and lets you earn points if you have a Superdrug loyalty card)
  17. Smarty (Uses Three network)
  18. Three (Warning ⚠️: Three has terrible customer service and I personally had a terrible experience with them)
  19. Vodafone

Best UK Broadband providers

Warning ⚠️: This list is not privacy related and is more of a general list

  1. Hyperoptic
  2. Virgin Media
  3. Sky
  4. John Lewis Broadband (Runs on BT Openreach)
  5. Plusnet (Runs on BT Openreach)
  6. Vodafone (Runs on BT Openreach)
  7. EE (Runs on BT Openreach)
  8. Three (Three broaband runs on Three mobile network)

The Anti-Virus and VPN I Use

I use Bitdefender total security. It is pretty good but can be quite resource intensive.

For a vpn I use Bitdefender premium vpn.

My video on it.

My Favourite Youtubers

My Favourite Games

Best Linux Distros

  1. Manjaro
  2. Linux Mint
  3. Fedora
  4. Ubuntu
  5. Ubuntu 20.10 2880p EN 31 12 2020 13 51 50.png

    By OS: Canonical Foundation, Ubuntu community Screenshot: CC BY 3.0, Link

My Favourite TV shows

My Interests

My Favourite Font

My favourite font is Verdana